MOS Meetings

NAB 2020: Now June 16th, 2020       

Notes from the MOS Protocol Group NAB (Summer) Virtual meeting are available here.

Since the 2020 NAB Show was canceled, we are moving the April 21st meeting to an online conference.

17:00 CEST
16:00 BST
15:00 UTC
11:00 US-Eastern
08:00 US-Pacific

Only via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 998 2258 2134
Password: MOS2020

Phone Numbers:

US: +1.408.638.0968 or +1.646.876.9923
UK: +44(0) 203.051.2874
Netherlands: +31(0)20 794 0854
Elsewhere around the world:

If you have any items you’d like to submit, be it discussion topics or new proposals please submit them to rberg AT ap DOT org by June 8th.  


We wish you, your team, and your family a healthy spring.

Post IBC 2019 Meetings

As discussed at the IBC Meeting, we will continue the bi-monthly discussion meetings to enable progress on items of interest.

October 23rd, 2019 Meeting

audio link
Audio recording of the MOS Group Call – 23 October 2019

October 23rd Meeting Notes

  • Andre Edmonson (Ross) reviewed his Element Status Code Document with updates since the IBC meeting.
  • Group Discussion on Document, QC on media etc.
  • Some suggestions to segment MOS group approved status codes on decimal, or “50” numeric boundaries.
  • Suggestions to add in some additional sample codes and Status Names before our next call.
  • Suggestions and discussions by the group to take place in the Slack Workspace, #Proposals Channel.
  • Johan Nyman (Superfly.TV) gave a brief overview of his pending proposal for message grouping and deferment. Johan will post a more detailed discussion in Slack.
  • Possibility for a December 15th meeting discussed, otherwise we’ll wait till the February 2020 meeting as scheduled.

December 11th Meeting Notes

  • A very short meeting, only four attendees total.
  • Noted AP’s addition/suggestion to the MOS Status Codes from ESPN.
  • Noted Johan Nyman’s ( “Defer and Commit Proposal”.
  • Noted Kai Kaup’s (Scisys) “Experiences & Comments on MOS Profile 7”. This one is certainly a complicated topic, and will need more discussion and thought on possible ways to tackle these issues.
  • Next in-between meeting will be Feb 19th, 2020. We’ll send out more advance notices on this to try and get more group attendees.

February 2020 Meeting is canceled. Next meeting TBD, check back for details.